Our Local Weather is the web home of the dos gatos in the picture as well as their human companions. The cats are Muffin and Max.

Muffin, the Calico, is a 15 year old female (pretty much all Calicos are female, same goes for Tortoiseshells). Max, the orange cat, is a 12 year old male currently weighing in around 19 lbs. Muffin is svelte at 12 lbs.

Both are rescue cats. Muffin was born wild to a feral mother, underneath Doris' office building in Campbell. We captured her and her siblings and found homes for all of them. The mother was eventually captured, spayed, and returned to her wild ways. Of course, we kept the cutest of the litter - her brother and two sisters were gray tabbies.

Max was liberated from NARF (Nike Animal Rescue Foundation) in San Jose. His mother was killed by a car when he was three weeks old and he was human-raised the rest of the way. We brought him home when he was about eight weeks old.

Update: Max has passed away

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